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Lots of updates today :)

First up is my little stablemate CM on the breyer Belgian mold. He was CM'ed to a show off Welsh D gelding.
The very exciting news with this boy is that he is now in the hands of the uber talented Jaime Baker, and when I say Uber, I mean UUUUUUBBBBBBEEEEEERRRRR!
I practically beside myself to see the clothes that Jaime creates for this boy!
He will be up for sale from Jaime on completion :)

My DUN donation is nearly complete, she just needs a few more little tweaks and details and the rest of her tail.

She took a tumble (I am ridiculously clumbsy!) and broke off an ear, so I have replaced them. She has been braided up, and her face has been refined and dried out giving her a bit of age, just what I expect to see in the leading rein classes at our finest shows.

I am onto her third tail, the first two were just not the airy fine haired tails you see on show ponies. This one is the charm though, I think I have finally got it. :)

Finally ...this is my donation to Las Vegas Live 2012, a gorg…


This little one is my first Stablemate CM, he is the G3 Belgian drafter CM'ed to a Welsh Cob.

There were a few hiccups to start with but after customising some tools, and the purchase of a flexi shaft for my dremel, he is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Humphrey is up up and away!

The big character is finally finished and is jet setting off to the USA for professional casting by Mountain Veiw Studios. Very exciting stuff!
Humphrey will be appox' $75US each, at this stage he will be limited to a single mould edition, he is classic scale (true 1:12th scale) Shetland Pony gelding.
Simply drop me an email with your name, if you would like to reserve a copy of the little guy.

Isn't he adorable?