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Nothing like hair to add character...........

Progress with Jack.

We have feather! Not sure if I have a little too much at this stage, an email to his owners will soon sort that though.

LOL, well as a painter.........I make a really good sculptor.

I am going to have a whirl at painting a Graylea Whisper for myself, a soft chocolate pointed buckskin, my favourite horse colour. So I thought I had better practice on something a little less expensive to start with, one of my Al-Maisan medallions.

The first effort was so very bad, I was completely horrified at just how bad it was, lol.

Then intrigued by the soft almost china like effect that artist were achieving with models, I researched and found two tutorials on Fallen Leaves forum, on how to pastel.

Well, straight off to the art shop, grabbed myself all the necessaries, stripped the first paint job, and then got stuck in.

What marvellous fun, if I make a mistake, I just wash it off, and I make a lot of mistakes, lol.
Here is the boy, base coated in Acrylics (Matisse, Flow) and then two coats of pastels (Windsor & Newton).

I don't think he is coming along to bad.

On a side note, my beautiful QHx filly is back home with…

Foothills Live Show.

What marvelous fun. All the months of work leading to yesterdays show. It was extremely nerve racking watching my girl, my work, my vision, out there on a table being judged. I was thrilled with how she looked in all her classes.
English as a dressage pony, no photo unfortunately.
A HRCAV showjumping competition; Western Pleasure;

My favourite, the Egg and Spoon race in Ponyclub games, yes......that is an egg smashed onto her backside!

A huge, huge THANK YOU to the delightful Lisa W for taking so much time and care to proxy Whisper for me at the show. It is all so, so appreciated. Thank you!