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#1 up for offers; MH$P


Manes and tails

Today was a day of manes and tails. I am pretty happy with how the lads are progressing.

He is a magnificent mould, beautifully sculpted by Brigitte, and very well cast by Breyer. He needs very little prep, except for his mane seam. I have actually found myself suprised when picking up a primered model, he is so 'resin like' in apperance I expect him to be heavier.

#1 is now painted and ready for his sale photos. Please excuse the washed out/sunlit pic' but he was just too nice not to add.

#2 Spanish Walk. He got his mane and half his tail today.

#3 Piaffe. He got his braids and his tail is roughed out, ready for work tomorrow. I like him much better with his ears turned back.

...and #4 Piaffe. He still has a lot of prep work, like buckets of it to go.

More soon!


#1 Extended trot

#2 Piaffe
 #3 Spanish Walk

More soon ....

He's here!

And he's beautiful!

Let the carnage begin!

I have seven of these boys, one of them is a commission, the rest will be for sale.

More soon!

The taming of the shrew.

Katharina is the name of the shrew in Shakespeare's 'The taming of the shrew' or for my more modern readers, the movie '10 things I hate about you'
If you read Wikipedias definition of a shrew, then it will give you an idea of what I think of this horse.

After bringing her home from Equitana, I stripped her back to bare for her repaint, intending to redo the dark bay. It took days of stripping and scrubbing (that paint really did not want to come off!) Sanding and priming. Under the paint I discovered a cracked leg (which has since been pinned) and I accidentally broke her tail off.

I was so frustrated with her at this point that I put her away in a drawer to dwell on her sins. Alas when Ferguson went missing, her turn to paint came up again much faster then I would have liked.

After stern words and heated conversation, she decided she was not going to be bay, but grey. Not just any grey either, rose grey was her chosen colour, she wanted to be pink.

So pink it is…

Back to work!

School holidays are finally over! Back to work.

Getting time to work on anything in the school holidays with 4 children is almost impossible, but I did get a little time in.

I finished the Weather Girl, she is in the USA being painted.
I am really really happy with how she turned out, and I am super excited about her finish work.

I also finished the Classic Arabian and the Heartbreaker commission.

The Classic Arab suffered a lot of damage to her paintwork at Equitana, she was handled a lot, and knocked over a few times, ending in a broken ear, a few rubs and chips. So I stripped her back to bare, with the intent of painting her bay again. She however had other ideas, but more on her later.

Esmerelda was finished, and went to offers on MH$P, she is also off overseas, landing in the USA soon. Hopefully out and about to some live shows.

This big fellow was also finished, except for prep, and obviously painting. He was also unfortunately lost in the mail coming home from the tack makers. …