Manes and tails

Today was a day of manes and tails. I am pretty happy with how the lads are progressing.

He is a magnificent mould, beautifully sculpted by Brigitte, and very well cast by Breyer. He needs very little prep, except for his mane seam. I have actually found myself suprised when picking up a primered model, he is so 'resin like' in apperance I expect him to be heavier.

#1 is now painted and ready for his sale photos. Please excuse the washed out/sunlit pic' but he was just too nice not to add.

#2 Spanish Walk. He got his mane and half his tail today.

#3 Piaffe. He got his braids and his tail is roughed out, ready for work tomorrow. I like him much better with his ears turned back.


...and #4 Piaffe. He still has a lot of prep work, like buckets of it to go.

More soon!

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