Manes and tails

Today was a day of manes and tails. I am pretty happy with how the lads are progressing.

He is a magnificent mould, beautifully sculpted by Brigitte, and very well cast by Breyer. He needs very little prep, except for his mane seam. I have actually found myself suprised when picking up a primered model, he is so 'resin like' in apperance I expect him to be heavier.

#1 is now painted and ready for his sale photos. Please excuse the washed out/sunlit pic' but he was just too nice not to add.

#2 Spanish Walk. He got his mane and half his tail today.

#3 Piaffe. He got his braids and his tail is roughed out, ready for work tomorrow. I like him much better with his ears turned back.


...and #4 Piaffe. He still has a lot of prep work, like buckets of it to go.

More soon!


  1. They are all looking so so wonderful.

  2. Oh MY! I just knew you would product some stunners!!
    (I need that little fainting icon from Blab!) hahaha
    I'm sure he's not something I could ever afford but I sure do love looking at the photos!!

  3. Wow! Are all of these from Totalases? Beautiful work!

  4. They are all so lovely. You are working at warp speed gal - are you getting any sleep at all? lol That chestnut color just glows. Will you be selling on eBay or set price or ???

  5. Thanks so much guys. He is such a beautiful mould.
    Nup no sleep, and I have no fingerprints left on the tips of my finger due to never putting down the sandpaper :D

  6. They all look amazing, I just love the bottom ones head! Totalis's mouth open showing all the detailing you have put in really suits him. Well done :)


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