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Both the girls have just the final details to go

Weathergirl needs her forelock, and veins...

This one just needs her veins and chestnuts...oh and a name!

Spring has Sprung!

Life has been hectic the last month (Month! Where did the weeks go!?)

Live shows, flu, school holidays, commissions and this brilliant little time waster ...

In two weeks time Equitana .
I am going to be fluffing on the Breyer stall over the 4 days, with my Cm work, and generally talking model horses. Yay!
Coming with me will be these 5 CMs for display

All need to be finished and painted, with the exception of Weather girl, she is coming in primer as she is crossing the pond for her clothes. Very very excited about her destination.

Did I mention it was in less then 2 weeks?

More soon ...

Hairy bits

I had a sudden and undeniable urge to sculpt some hairy ponies. Hair has never been my thing and I have struggled with 2 dimension V's 3 dimension ...but I seem to have found my groove whilst sculpting Weathergirls tail.
I was particularly pleased with my new customs feathery legs when using this method, so I thought I would share :)

Step one is the armature. I cut a channel along Bluebell's crest, the exact same way as when I am doing braids (tutorial here). Once this is done I run a wave or fin of apoxie along the groove, squished and pressing with my fingers. I want this completely random, but still following the general shape I want the mane or tail to end up.
As you can see it is pretty awkward and ugly. I allow this to set completely.

3 Dimensional!

Next step is the real hair. I am using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and Methylated spirits. Metho will thin Magic Sculpt as well, but gets crumbly after a certain point, whereas Apoxie Sculpt goes gooey. This gooeyness is what I want.


All finished and up on MH$P.

He ended up being chestnut sabino, I painted him after a ripper little Welsh mountain pony "Ellenbank Tango Tom" one of my all time favourite Welsh ponies.

Really pleased with how he has turned out :)

Studio updates.

I have been completely lost without my Dremel *sobs softly*. but the new one is on it's way and should be here early next week. YAAAYY!

Things have slowed right down, but necessity is the mother of invention, and I have found other ways..looong wrist aching ways, but ways none the less :)

Finished and ready for paint is a jumping Welsh A, this little guy is screaming for a girly colour, I have chosen dappled golden palomino, probably sabino. I have dubbed him 'Alexander'.
Alexander is a CM of the Classic scale Rearing Stallion, so is the perfect size for a traditional scale pony.
He is so stinkin' cute I want to squish him!

Weather girl has 'half a tail' to go with her 'half a face' Something is bugging me deeply about her, the angle she is on is making her difficult to photograph and analyse, so I have been unable to put my finger on it, but I am sure it will come. Probably in the middle of the night, around 3am leaving me unable to go back to sleep ti…

Speaking of old friends...

My Dremel has died, carked it, this has brought my studio activites to a screaming halt.

Therefore I am having a "My Dremel has died sale"

Breyer Keltic Salinero to Lippizaner stallion perfoming the Haute Ecole movement Levade.
This Lad is being sold UNPAINTED
I was really keen to paint this fellow up myself, but I am rather lost without my Dremel, so I am offering this lad up unpainted. All offers will be considered!
My CM work is Live show proven, with top 5's at 2012 Breyerfest, and Supreme Custom at Stone Age live 2012.
Nitty gritty;
-Paypal only from International purchasers
-Prefer paid in full, but will accept time payments with $150 deposit, (6 months maximum)
-Postage WORLDWIDE is $35 tracked and insured (I pay half)

You can see his MH$P ad here;

Old friend.

I have sculptures in many different stages this week, and everything is flowing perfectly. I have ditched the Magic Sculpt and have returned to Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and it is like I have come back to an old friend!

Salinero to Lippizaner; Very very nearly ready for paint.

 Weathergirl is chuffing along, a whole lot of issues to be dealt with still, but I am really liking how she is shaping up.

The new kid on the block is another Heartbreaker to Arabian foal, this time a commission. Skinny, lanky and coltish, He is rapidly becoming a favourite!