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Moving limbs

I am not going to call this a tutorial, as it isn't, it is more of a show and tell.
This is how I do it, there are many different ways, cutting and pinning, warming and slow bending etc, but this is the way that works for me.

Before we start though, I do want to say, Dremels and heat guns are not for the faint hearted, they are dangerous tools in the wrong hands, please be careful and protect yourself.

As mentioned in the previous post, I am CMing a Zenyetta to an ASB. A rather drastic CM, but the theory is the same for all my CMing, wether it is simple or drastic.

Firstly, I mark the joints. This gives me the bending points, and I can also measure making sure the OF is even.

Always, always, always ...starting form the highest joint (shoulder, hip) moving down the limbs comparing to the reference photos work out what needs moving. Sometimes, on a simple CM shoulders and rump joints don't need moving, but rarely.
Once I think I know where I am heading, I mark out the sections…

Moving limbs

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone wanted to see anything specific regarding what I do when it comes to CMing. By far the most asked for "Where do I cut and how do I move legs?"

So, here we go :)

This horse is a commission. Zenyetta to THIS
This is not going to be an easy CM by any stretch of the imagination, I would actually say by the time I am finished with her, she will be difficult to spot. Most of the original mould will be dremeled away, leaving an armature for me to sculpt over. However limbs must be moved first.

I have been agonising over exactly how I am going to make this work, and still am. Sometimes it is a matter of just jumping in :) What I do know is she may end up a hot melted mess before I am finished with her. The way I work is rarely pretty.

Brace yourself ducky!

More soon ...

Totilas #4 Capriole Lipizzaner

This fellow is a little more drastic then the first three.
I have CM'ed him to a Lipizzaner stallion performing Capriole. This fellow is the very first idea that popped into my mind when I first saw the Totilas mould.
I have finally finished his sculpting and begun his painting. Do you know how hard it is to paint inside a mouth! Sheesh!

I am contemplating taking him to Melbourne Live, as I will be there with Hermes, and helping out with some judging. It would be nice to actually have something on the table :)
Of course it will be absolutely terrifying, but oh so fun!

He will have an acrylic rod once he is finished, most likely set onto an acrylic base as well to be as unobtrusive as possible.

More on the studio bench, all edging closer to being done...

More soon ...