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Grrrrr done.

She is done!
She also has a name Wil"hell"mina, I thoughtit was quite apt ;) And with her original form.


Obsessive Compulsive Dremeling.

Up for offers on MH$P

Is my newly finished Peter Stone Arab.
You can view his ad on MH$P here; LINK

Going grey.

Fleabites on Grrrr. Not sure how she is really going to turn out, I am still up in the air over wether I like them or not, and even wether to continue with them or not. I am using a Welsh A gelding for her colour. He has a lot of black fleabites, but they all blend in to be almost invisible, so lots of blending down to go on her!

Liddle Humphrey Bear also has a coat of colour. I have used my youngest sons Shetland pony as muse for this one. Possibly not the most exciting of colours, but I like the way it lets the sculpture speak. Which in my case is not such a bad thing, as I think I am a much better sculptor then I am a painter! ;)


Almost there with this one :) She just needs her frogs, eyelashes and veining as well as a jolly good sand.

Stone Arab finished...

...except for his chestnuts and ermine spots, he is finished. Altogether he has a new neck, mane and tail, genitalia. I have also carved out his hooves and his ears, and given him a new muzzle.


New ears, refined head, and some more work on her barrel.

Leg and hoof work are next on the agenda.

Arab Medallion.

This one is for River City Live. It will go as prizes, and copies will also be auctioned off over the weekend. After he is cast the moulds will be passed to Temika Zimmerman, and be handled by her.

Over the top of the plaque reads the old Arabic verse;

My treasures do not clink or glitter. They gleam in the sun and neigh in the night.


Despite spending part of my weekend at work, I still managed to get a little done in the studio :)
Humphrey. Feathering and leg detail will see this little guy finished.

This one is starting to look like he is a horse, instead of a camel.

Cranky FAM is taking shape. She has caught my attention again, so I may run with it and try and get her finished up this week, or at least to mane and tail stage :)
After struggling with this boys 'spot/blob', I gave up and stripped him. In this photo he has his first ten or so layers of pastel base coat, and I have added his dapples, I will now begin darkening him up and blending down his pangare.