An Arabian Medallion

Arabs are my 'White Whale'. Every time I am commissioned to do an Arab, my heart flutters and I doubt my ability to see it through.

But I was challenged by a glorious photograph taken by AinslieG of a divine Arabian stallion.
Ainslie's photo inspired me by it's sheer beauty, I just could not resist, and although daunted, I was determined to do the photo justice.
I have finished the fellow off feeling much more confident in my ability do capture these glorious horses.

AinslieG is one of my biggest inspirations in equine art, her photographs and artwork are just breathtaking. Her empathy and love for the Arabian horse shines through in her art. It is her passion for her subject that I wish to emulate through my art work, I want people to see my sculpts and feel the same passion and love that I have for our equine friends.

I highly recommend a visit to her websites....a feast for the eyes, for any horse lover.

So thank you to AinslieG, I could not have done it without you.


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