Eye Opener.

Well, went to the live model horse show on Sunday, in Mentone, Melbourne.
So very glad I did, I was right, it was a real eye opener to see artist resins in real life, the photos I have seen really do many of them no justice.
I was also thrilled to recognise a few models done by my favourite artists, Deborah McDermott, Lynn Fraley and Bridgette Eberl.
But most of all the size of them! They are huge, and tiny, tiny, tiny.
So with this discovery, I am going to redo Treasure to the correct size for a classic scale model.
I shall make her 10.1hh, the size my weanling welsh colt is right now, of course 2 inches of that will be hair! LOL. This will make Treasure 8.70cms at the wither.

Here she is before her breakdown.


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