Lots of updates today :)

First up is my little stablemate CM on the breyer Belgian mold. He was CM'ed to a show off Welsh D gelding.
The very exciting news with this boy is that he is now in the hands of the uber talented Jaime Baker, and when I say Uber, I mean UUUUUUBBBBBBEEEEEERRRRR!
I practically beside myself to see the clothes that Jaime creates for this boy!
He will be up for sale from Jaime on completion :)

My DUN donation is nearly complete, she just needs a few more little tweaks and details and the rest of her tail.

She took a tumble (I am ridiculously clumbsy!) and broke off an ear, so I have replaced them. She has been braided up, and her face has been refined and dried out giving her a bit of age, just what I expect to see in the leading rein classes at our finest shows.

I am onto her third tail, the first two were just not the airy fine haired tails you see on show ponies. This one is the charm though, I think I have finally got it. :)

Finally ...this is my donation to Las Vegas Live 2012, a gorgeous PAM.

Yay, I love my PAM's/FAM's, cutting into her was like coming home :D

This show is going to be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, in memory of Karen Grimm. So a show well worth supporting! I strongly encourage all the hobbyists to really jump on board and go all out for this one.

Check it out here: Las Vegas Live

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