Painting updates....

...must be one of my most favourite things in the whole world to receive!

Selling a custom unpainted, is a difficult thing to do, even when the painting part is not my favourite part of CMing. It is difficult thing to hand over a sculpt and hope that the new owner, or painter will think to show me the finished product.

Luckily I have been blessed that the horses that have left my hands unpainted have gone onto people who are generous with their time and updates.

First up is the Valentine CM. She was in my last post shown in tack, but her sensational paintwork by Sherry Clayton, I believe, deserves to be shown in full.
Katrina picked the perfect colour for her, and she just glows.

Photos By Sherry Clayton

I love logging into my email and seeing  'Jaime Baker'  in bold, as it means I have an update on the ponies sent over for Breyerfest. Jaime sharing them with me is just about the most delicious thing ever! Watching the little ones come to life *happy sigh*  I feel so privlidged, and honestly...half the time I am amazed that I sculpted them :)

IN PROGRESS photos by Jaime Baker (Uber talented, painter extraordinaire!)

Swoon! I will be bidding to get this one back ;)


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