Breyerfest, Breyerfest, Breyerfest!

It is just around the corner, and the buzz word on the lips of all the model horse collectors right now.
As a sculptor of model horses, a customiser of Breyers, this is the ultimate show.
The 'Big Kahuna', the 'Whole Enchilada', the 'It and a Bit' of model horse shows.
To have a horse there for the first time, on such a big stage is butterfly inducing, dance around my kitchen with undies on my head exciting!

Bring it on!
Heartbreaker's diary continues ...

Baby coloured eyes and pooky lips *LOVES*
Delicate frosting on his curly wurly tail. *adore*
Baby soft shading on his legs *swoon*
Could he be any sweeter?

Classic scale Hansel to Welsh A.

I want to kiss that kissy spot!

So soft, so smooth!

 The stablemates...

All photos and finishwork by the Mega talented Jaime Baker

All these guys will be up for grabs after Breyerfest.

More soon ...


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