Totilas #3

To do list;
  1. Paint a buckskin



My very first buckskin.
I have always been too chicken to paint this colour, and as I expected, it was immensly difficult.
I nearly stopped at the earlier stages in his paler shades, leaving him palomino, but I had a vision for the boy, and felt it would be a cop out if I did. I felt the sooty contrasting golds and browns would really enhance his sculptural work
I am really really happy with him, and quietly chuffed that I pushed myself through.
All thanks to Jaime Baker and her brilliant DVD's, they have really brought my finish work on in leaps and bounds, not to mention my confidence.
You too can learn from Jaime;
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  1. When will he be up?his color is just gorgeous!

  2. He's gorgeous! I love that face, so expressive.


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