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In the studio....

Lol , if you could call my kitchen table a studio! I have a few projects I have been dabbling with in my very limited spare time of late. As well as two Jack CM's which will be for sale, the other to go to the USA for edition casting, I have two Whispers being CM'ed . The first is a commission piece, she has had her mane removed and is having braids added. Her tail will also be refined and a braid added. Whisper #2 has had her neck/head repositioned. A new mane and tail are in the process of being added. Her profile will be straitened, and her nostrils slightly more flared. The going is really slow with these girls, much slower then I would like. My reaction to the Apoxie sculpt is getting worse, and so too my sensitivity to the resin dust when I sand them back, despite taking all precautions. This time around it all got a little scary with minor swelling of my throat and sinuses as well as both eyes. I shall have to seriously consider these 4 resins my last to C

One year on.....

I can hardly believe it has only been a year, feels like a lifetime ago! It was this time last year that I attended Melbourne Live 2009. It was at that show that I formed the idea of Graylea Whisper. And now a full circle, Whisper, painted up by the very talented team at S.W.I.D Designs (as featured on my Blog earlier), has won her breed class at Melbourne Live 2010. Whisper then went on to come second in her colour class, all credit to S.W.I.D Designs there :) She was beaten by their own CM grey on Huck Bey, who went on to become reserve champion. Congratulations to Isabel and Sam! I just don't think I could be more chuffed with the results. If you would like to get in touch with Sam and Isabel so they can work their magic on your model horse, they can can be contacted at:
Wow, I have really fallen off the face of the earth for a bit! Aside from my sculpting, I have a job at an Olive Grove. We are four weeks into harvest season now, I am thinking another two weeks to go. So for ten to twelve hours each day, I am here....... beautiful isn't it:)? From this.... they are ground up to this..... all for this....liquid gold, pure Olive Oil :) I love my job, but boy am I exhausted! With the four children and the nine horses heaped in on top, I have not time to scratch myself, LOL, house work is a thing of the past, my wonderful husband has thankfully helped me out there! But not much longer and my life will return to normal:)