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Dilema solved!

Thanks to some great information from Bonnie J Bishop, a dedicated Lippizaner fan, Sally will have a loose tail and mane. Bonnie directed me to YouTube videos of the Spanish riding school horses, and informed me of her personal experiences from behind the scenes in Vienna "Levade, the the 45 degree movement under saddle and in hand is always with a full tail. NO exceptions. Do not look at the Royal Lipp show pictures. And in Vienna, as well as the One in Jerez Spain, the Mane is ALWAYS on the left side.. Back to finding more pics from left side, if you see the ones from the right, you might think it is braided, because the mane is Always on the left. sort of like mounting always on the left. (not saying if a horse has a broken crest and it's mane WILL not go left. But these are the traditional norms. Of course you can do it as you like, or as your public vote, but if you are interested in the "traditional way of the Spanish Riding School in Vie

Hairy dilemas!

I am in a hairy dilema. Sally has a bucket load of sculpting still to go, not to mention hooouuurrsss of sanding, and all the yummy little details. But it is time to put in the wire for his tail, and start thinking about which way to go. I don't need his tail for support, as the big fulla stand very well on his own. I can go Mud Knot for his tail and running braid for the mane or.. short pulled mane and loose tail. or... running braid for the mane and loose tail I have done some research, looked at every Lippizaner stallion photo I could find on the internet, and have come to the conclusion that short pulled mane and loose tail are the norm, followed very closely by running braid in the mane and a loose tail. Moving into mud knots in the tail when the stallion is performing the highest Haute Air movements. Hence the dilema, which to choose! What do you guys think, I would love to hear opinions?  Earlier this week, I also got a new shipment of two part clay

Commission #1 and #2

Are finished! I am pretty happy with how the little boogers have turned out, more importantly though, their owner is happy too. They are off to England for their coats of colour from Deb Brown. They will be a cute little pair of Scurry ponies and will also moonlight as gaming ponies. I literally cannot wait to see them in action!

More painting updates!

Could my week get any better?! Hansel CM near-side Hansel CM off-side SM Silky Sullivan Near-side SM Silky Sullivan Off-side Belgian Off-side Belgian Near-side G3 Walking Arabian Mini Me Oldenburg All these progress photos are by Jaime Baker of Jaime Baker Customs. Jaime owns all of these beauties, so if you have any interest in any of them please contact Jaime directly and she will be able to give you all the details :) Facebook Blog Website Email More soon......


Wet, cold and miserable. My least favourite time of year, and we are not even two weeks in. On the bright side, the less time I spend outside, the more time I spend inside playing with clay. Salinero has finally decided to play nice and is chuffing along beautifully.  The cheeky photo bomber is a new CM on the bench, Weather Girl. She is going to be rounded out a lot more to give her some age. Her face will also be tweaked to give her a softer more ethereal aura. I am not a fan of bases for horses, much preferring to go with acrylic rods, this girly however is seriously motorbiking into the turn, making her base indispensable. The next little chaps are my Welsh pony commissions, they are in the  Mr Miyagi phase, and are almost ready for their manes and tails. And last of all, my next commission piece. A Mini Nahar by Sarah Rose. The little chap is being CM'ed to a Park Arabian. I am stunned at how much a little shifting has changed this little guys looks.

Painting updates....

...must be one of my most favourite things in the whole world to receive! Selling a custom unpainted, is a difficult thing to do, even when the painting part is not my favourite part of CMing. It is difficult thing to hand over a sculpt and hope that the new owner, or painter will think to show me the finished product. Luckily I have been blessed that the horses that have left my hands unpainted have gone onto people who are generous with their time and updates. First up is the Valentine CM. She was in my last post shown in tack, but her sensational paintwork by Sherry Clayton, I believe, deserves to be shown in full. Katrina picked the perfect colour for her, and she just glows. Photos By Sherry Clayton I love logging into my email and seeing  'Jaime Baker'  in bold, as it means I have an update on the ponies sent over for Breyerfest. Jaime sharing them with me is just about the most delicious thing ever! Watching the little ones come to life

Melbourne Live

I have been a bit slack putting this one together..but better late then never! Saturday was Melbourne Live, the one and same show I started my journey into model horses at two years ago. This year I was back as a judge. As always the standard of entries was incredibly high, the competition stiff and the people fantastic. It has the atmosphere of a family reunion, lots of laughing and catching up on all the latest. I was judging Trad/Classic AR and OF, leaving Performance and Custom to Lisa Winkworth, as I knew there were a few horses that i had customised making their debuts onto the show scene. First up was Mildred. Mildred is a customised Valentine I sold unpainted. She was finished by Sherry Clayton in the most glorious glowing bay, her little rider is by Joan Yount, her custom made tack is by Jana Skybova, and her number holder and the gorgeous jump is by Carrie Sloan Meyer. Set up is by her talented owner Katrina Sterry.   Mildred won her class working hunter, then went Cha