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Commission #1

The first commissions in my studio are a couple of CMs on the Midnight Tango mould. Their owner has graciously let me share the process with my Blog readers. They are going to be remade into a hooning little Welsh A harness pair. Yay! Welshies! Number 1 pony has a date with the Dremel today...

CM's all done ...

All are on their way to Jaime. Yay! At the back are Breyer Heartbreaker and Breyer Hansel. In the front row are (from left to right) G3 standing TB, Silky Sullivan, G2 Warmblood, G3 walking Arab, and G3 Belgian. I can hardly wait to see what Jaime does with them! If any of these horses interest you, please contact Jaime directly; Facebook Blog Website Email

Busy, busy, busy!

Ridiculously so! All of my Breryfest horses need to be gone yesterday , and I still have 4 that need some sculpting, tweaking and sanding. I also have four resins, one Greylea Whisper, and three Humphrey Bear's that need to be painted by this weekend. The weather here has been atrocious, the humidity way too high which is messing with my primer and sealer drying times *arrgghh* A few more of my Breyerfest babies :) Breyer G2 Warmblood a 'Mini Me' of my Oldenburg custom G3 standing Thoroughbred to an old broodie Silky Sullivan to an Appaloosa Eberl's Hansel to a Welsh A foal Tight schedules equal late nights and early mornings :) and I am enjoying every single moment!

Want to commission a custom?

I will be opening my customising books for very limited spaces, six in total for the rest of 2012. Two spots are available immediately.. I wont be accepting on a first come first served basis, but by what inspires me. So if you have ever thought you might like a CM by me, SM to Traditional, resin or plastic, now is your chance! If you would like to see my policy and price estimate, please feel free to email me.

PAM and Valentine

Two customs finished, both sold unpainted. The Valentine is staying here in Australia, the PAM is heading off to Canada. I am really happy with how the pair of them came out. Both very different, but essentially the same. They are both broodmares, both have lost their girlish figures, and both have a sweet, serene been there done that air. Both these girls were sculpted by extremely talented artists, so I wanted to keep as much of the original horse as possible, just tweak them a little :) After all who could not love this face!  Valentine