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Hairy bits

I had a sudden and undeniable urge to sculpt some hairy ponies. Hair has never been my thing and I have struggled with 2 dimension V's 3 dimension ...but I seem to have found my groove whilst sculpting Weathergirls tail. I was particularly pleased with my new customs feathery legs when using this method, so I thought I would share :) Step one is the armature. I cut a channel along Bluebell's crest, the exact same way as when I am doing braids (tutorial here ). Once this is done I run a wave or fin of apoxie along the groove, squished and pressing with my fingers. I want this completely random, but still following the general shape I want the mane or tail to end up. As you can see it is pretty awkward and ugly. I allow this to set completely. 3 Dimensional! Next step is the real hair. I am using Aves Apoxie Sculpt and Methylated spirits. Metho will thin Magic Sculpt as well, but gets crumbly after a certain point, whereas Apoxie Sculpt goes gooey. This gooeyness is