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The big fulla.

I am having trouble putting him down :) When I am this caught up in a sculpt I have to be careful not to burn out, or oversee things in my enthusiasm. I shall be seeking lots of critique from my peers on this fellow, as he is sure to be my most difficult sculpt yet, and I want him to be just right.

Back in the studio again!

An attack of itchy fingers has seen the beginnings of some pony make overs. These two are both classic scale Marigold CM's. They will be Australian Riding Pony/Welsh B ponies in full show turn out. Both will be up for grabs, but one of them will be a 100% donation to Down Under Nationals. At this stage we are thinking raffle :) so message me if you are interested in either, and I will pass on the pertinent info. This one has not had as muck work, she is still in the squish around phase. But rest assured she will lose the stiff zombie look :) I have even managed some progress on this big fulla.