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CM'ed Whisper on Ebay.

Well as promised the girl has gone to Ebay :). Her listing can be found here: Ebay She is the first resin I am listing to Ebay, but she will not be my last, in a couple of weeks (that is the plan anyway, barring some disaster) Absinth will be following.

Almost there...

In her final stages now. She has had a little more muscle added to the offside of her neck, and I have carved out the soles of her grounded hooves since these pics were taken. Another CM on my bench is Brigette Eberl's Absinth. He has had his head lowered, his ears turned, his front leg extended and a new tail.

Progress and completion.

Braided Whisper is now complete, all wrapped up and on her way home. She will be jetting off to the USA shortly for some brand new clothes. Progress on the second Whisper. Just a little more re sculpting on her head, then some basic prepping and the girl will be ready. I shall be listing her on Ebay and MH$P once she is all done. She will be the first Auction of one of my models, so I will no doubt be a nervous wreck for the duration of the listing, lol!