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Now I am not prone to bouts of emotion. I am deeply conservative, and sophisticated (well not really sophisticated, actually not even close! But I would dearly love to be!). I do not suffer from the giggles or other girly outbreaks, but today was most certainly one out of the box! I giggled and danced (yes I danced it was not pretty) and grinned my way all around the kitchen/studio. Because these are the photos I received this morning from Jaime Baker ! You can see all his photos and his auction here! Is he not absolutely wonderful! Jaime has drawn out his character and brought him to breathing life. Look at that kissy spot! The roaning on his cheek! The colour and shading is his tail, I want to run my fingers through his hair! All photos By Jaime Baker The story behind this little fellow? I was the c0-judge at River City Live (partnered by the uber talented Liz Shaw ) and our Stablemate Supreme Champion was an exquisite dapple grey painted by Jaime

DUN Donation.

Breyer Marigold is now finished, I am really happy with how she has turned out. I could see her all tacked up as a show pony, first ridden or leading rein. She is now heading off to Sommer Prosser for some new clothes. So you could say she is going home, as Sommer is the sculptor of the delightful Marigold Mold. I can hardly wait to see what Sommer chooses for her. Once finished she will be back here for her raffle. For tickets contact Lisa at Stay tuned!