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Patience is a virtue

Though apparently not something I posses :) After some great critique over on Blab, and everyone agreeing with my diagnosis, I have started playing with his head. I went back to my reference photos, and re measured, I thankfully found out that his head is actually the right length, but his eyes are too low down, which gives the impression of a shortened head. But before I made a cut or smooshed anything, I took a cast of his head using silicone putty (which I bought by mistake years ago) and Apoxie sculpt. I am now much happier with the idea of jumping in and messing around. More soon...

Mistral progress.

Progress on Mistral...enough to take photos anyway :) He now has a full face, though I am positive I will be lengthening his head. The dilemma is whether I do it now (a complete pillock) or do it once he is waste cast. I really really want to do it now *stamps foot childishly* but it will be so so much easier if I wait.... Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue, Patience is a virtue.....

Back to the drawing board.

Never be afraid to change what has already been done. It can be heartbreaking to go back and undo what has already be done, but always listen to the little voice in the back of your mind that is yelling over the top of everything else. If I had listened, i could have fixed this right back in the melt and squish phase, but I am nothing if not stubborn. So I had all but finished the sculpting on this Welshies hind legs, but things were really not gelling, with me or my client. Not enough 'OOMPH' His hind end was being left behind by his front end. So cuts were made, on the computer first... Then real cuts were made. Legs fell off, hooves were melted, fingers were stuck together. Stifle dropped, hips shifted back, back lowered, hocks bent, and pasterns weighted. Still more tweaking to do, but I am much much happier already, and the little voice has finally stopped screaming at me :) More soon.....