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I love it when a plan comes together ...

Remember the stablemates I sculpted last year, the ones that all flew off to the USA and the capable hands of Jaime Baker. Well one of them came home is his story; *****     I got the most beautiful surprise this afternoon! A HUGE box from the from Jaime Baker Customs. An armful of Stablemates (YAY!) and 6 old beat up beauties by Maureen Love. As all Aussies know, model horses over here are expensive and bodies hard to come by, especially the old guys, I am so grateful to Jaime for all of these wonderful ponies   THIS is the best part! When I opened the box, on top was a pony pouch, inside the pouch was a beautiful card with Jaime's much loved doggie Stewie's paw print. Stewie has very sadly just recently passed away from cancer, I was so touched to receive such a treasured memento of the beautiful boy I delved deeper and found a box, inside the box, a letter. The letter was a thank you from Anna Kirby of ... Dreamflite Design, an artesian of the mo