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Finished FAM

So all up her makeover included, her face re-sculpted. Including new nostrils, jowls, and lips, new eyebrows and profile carved and added to, ears carved out. Her neck set has been lowered and completely re-sculpted, her back extended, muscling added between her back legs, front legs and chest. Chestnuts and veining added, female genitalia sculpted including an udder. Hooves re-sculpted and carved soles and frogs. Resculpted mane and tail. Finally she was painted using quality artist acrylics by Matisse, and Windsor & Newton pastels. Despite all of her changes, I think that I have managed to keep the soft, sweet charm that make the Family Arabian moulds so likable.

Up for offers....finally!

Customised Absinth. His head has been lowered, ears turned back, new braided tail and his front leg extended. Painted in acrylics, pastels and pastel pencil, sealed with Krylon matte. His removable base was also painted then sand dusted (not shown in photos). Due to the ridiculous charges involved in sending packages overseas, I will pay half of his postage to an international address. More photos available on my Flickr account: Any questions? Feel free to email me :)

Almost there...

It has been a case of mistaken identity with this girly, she was not a PAM (Proud Arabian Mare) as first stated, but a FAM (Family Arabian Mare). Being a complete noobie to the Breyer world, I did not even know there was such thing as a FAM. But I am now enlightened thanks to this Blog; I am rather happy with how she is turning out, being my first plastic pony custom, she has been a huge learning curve :) and a journey that I am thoughly enjoying. I would say she is around 90% complete, and once finished she will be flitting off to her new home in the USA.