Almost there...

It has been a case of mistaken identity with this girly, she was not a PAM (Proud Arabian Mare) as first stated, but a FAM (Family Arabian Mare).
Being a complete noobie to the Breyer world, I did not even know there was such thing as a FAM.
But I am now enlightened thanks to this Blog;

I am rather happy with how she is turning out, being my first plastic pony custom, she has been a huge learning curve :) and a journey that I am thoughly enjoying. I would say she is around 90% complete, and once finished she will be flitting off to her new home in the USA.


  1. She is very nice. Especially for a FAM, who, in my opinion, has always been less attractive than the PAM. I really like her. I cannot believe she is your first plastic CM, she's way too pretty.

  2. Thank you. I totally agree, the PAM is a much nicer mould, the face is so much nicer.
    I tracked down a PAM once I found that this girl was a FAM, and shall now never confuse the two:)

  3. Super job! I have a couple old beat up FAM's in a box somewhere and this actually makes me want to get them out and play.

  4. Thank you :) The poor old girls are a bit rough around the edges, but I think they are worth the effort :).


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