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Live updates

Wow, time really does fly when you are having fun! I have come home from the live, re-invigorated, inspired and ready to hack, melt and sculpt every plastic pony in the house. I also came home to NAN. Live streamed on the web, I was glued to it, as this was the very first time any of my CMs were going to be there. I was so very glad I did as Komos got a Top 10 in Light/Gaited/Spanish Foals With many thanks to Jaime Baker for his finishwork, Liz Cassel for tirelessly Proxy showing him for me, and Beth Patterson for taking him to NAN and the photo Komos is now on his way home where he will do the show circuit here, then onto a special new home. I adore Live show photos, pounce on them like a kid onto lollies. So I feel a little guilty I have not shared these before now. I arrived at the show early, in fact I was the very first one there, which is not very conducive to rattly nerves, but I had nothing to worry abut, the ponies