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Fluff n' Stuff

No real news out of the Studio, but I have been Fluffin' in between working on my commissions. Kelly is still fluffin' along. As she is for me to show when finished, I am in no rush to complete her. There are a lot of things bothering me about her still, and apart from her chest and near side shoulder, I have not even added the muscles in yet. But I really like where I see her heading. Fat I am now calling going to be painted up as a portait of my QHx filly (she is known as lard a**e, so it is not a far stretch) once she is finished. My second lot of fluff is the first liddle Humprey CM is very nearly done, except for some prepping and a lot of sanding. I keep telling myself I will start all my CMs by doing the prep work first, but I never remember :) Sally has become my dumping ground for my left over Apoxie Sculpt, so he is going reaallly slow, not so much fluffin' with him. I think he is going to give me trouble as


Grrrr is FINALLY finished ...again! And up for offers on MH$P :) She has had a few little sculpting tweaks here and there, and a completely new paint job.

My 100th post!

I have been stewing for days about what to write to mark this momentous occasion...trying for inspiration. I have come to the conclusion that I may not be wired to put forth pearls of wisdom, lol. Nor am I much into reminiscing, so I will go with a Studio update instead :D I have been happily cutting up ponies..... and painting them... Happy 100th :)

Graylea Whisper

Photo credit to Jennifer Buxton Reading through my most favourite blog on the net, Jennifer Buxton's http:// thoroughly enjoying Jennifer's Colorado Kick-off show report, when I was ridiculously delighted to find Graylea Whisper at the end. Her name is Jasmine and she is shown as a POA. She won both sections of the American Pony class and was Resin Pony Champion in the breed division. She also went on to either win her Workmanship class or came reserve :) She has been beautifully painted by Sheryl Liesure. I am seriously chuffed! Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer!

Painting ponies ...

Progress with some painted ponies this week. One Humphrey is being painted to a little spotty bum, he is a 'practice' piece for me,  and another two are commission pieces. One white/grey, a portrait of a little girls first pony, And the third is a portrait of a delightful little miniature mare. Humphrey has been changed to a girl, and had some refining done to her face as well. Whilst the paints and pastels were out I also thought is was past time for Wil'hell'mina to be repainted after her resculpting. One of the things I find with painting in acrylics is how quickly they dry on my palette (piece of aluminium foil). I think I have thrown out much much more paint then has ever touched a horse. Until recently ...a great tip from a fine artist friend Denise Krajnc  has completley changed that! As you can see in the above photo I have a flat dish (mine is a tupperware meatkeeper) I have then placed in multiple layers of paper towel which are then soaked (s