Fluff n' Stuff

No real news out of the Studio, but I have been Fluffin' in between working on my commissions.

Kelly is still fluffin' along. As she is for me to show when finished, I am in no rush to complete her. There are a lot of things bothering me about her still, and apart from her chest and near side shoulder, I have not even added the muscles in yet. But I really like where I see her heading.

Fat bum...as I am now calling her..is going to be painted up as a portait of my QHx filly (she is known as lard a**e, so it is not a far stretch) once she is finished.

My second lot of fluff is the first liddle Humprey CM is very nearly done, except for some prepping and a lot of sanding. I keep telling myself I will start all my CMs by doing the prep work first, but I never remember :)

Sally has become my dumping ground for my left over Apoxie Sculpt, so he is going reaallly slow, not so much fluffin' with him. I think he is going to give me trouble as we progress, I can see it in his eyes. O.o


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