Painting ponies ...

Progress with some painted ponies this week. One Humphrey is being painted to a little spotty bum, he is a 'practice' piece for me,  and another two are commission pieces. One white/grey, a portrait of a little girls first pony,

And the third is a portrait of a delightful little miniature mare. Humphrey has been changed to a girl, and had some refining done to her face as well.

Whilst the paints and pastels were out I also thought is was past time for Wil'hell'mina to be repainted after her resculpting.

One of the things I find with painting in acrylics is how quickly they dry on my palette (piece of aluminium foil). I think I have thrown out much much more paint then has ever touched a horse.
Until recently ...a great tip from a fine artist friend Denise Krajnc has completley changed that!

As you can see in the above photo I have a flat dish (mine is a tupperware meatkeeper) I have then placed in multiple layers of paper towel which are then soaked (swimming) in water, over that is a layer of baking paper.

And that is it! The paint does not dry out :) When I am done for the day, instead of throwing out my excess paint, I pop the lid on and stash the tray in my fridge.
Did I mention the paint does not dry out! I have been using that same paint in that photo for a week, lid off all day :)

Best tip ever! Thank you Denise *happy dance*


  1. That's a great tip! I'm going to have to try that out myself, the weather around her has been so dry lately that my acrylics are drying up fifteen minutes into a painting session. :P

    What kind of baking paper is it? I don't back much so all I can think of is parchment paper? ^_^;; <-(sheepish look) ((baa))

  2. Frustrating isn't it!
    The paper is like a wax paper, waterproof. If you have a squiz in the food wrap section of the supermarket, it should be there. this is the one I use;


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