Melbourne Live

I have been a bit slack putting this one together..but better late then never!
Saturday was Melbourne Live, the one and same show I started my journey into model horses at two years ago. This year I was back as a judge.

As always the standard of entries was incredibly high, the competition stiff and the people fantastic. It has the atmosphere of a family reunion, lots of laughing and catching up on all the latest.

I was judging Trad/Classic AR and OF, leaving Performance and Custom to Lisa Winkworth, as I knew there were a few horses that i had customised making their debuts onto the show scene.
First up was Mildred. Mildred is a customised Valentine I sold unpainted. She was finished by Sherry Clayton in the most glorious glowing bay, her little rider is by Joan Yount, her custom made tack is by Jana Skybova, and her number holder and the gorgeous jump is by Carrie Sloan Meyer. Set up is by her talented owner Katrina Sterry.  
Mildred won her class working hunter, then went Champion I think, Other English.

Mildred then went onto compete for Supreme performance, where she was up against some fabulous other entries.

Champion mini

Champion Western

The Supreme went to the beautiful Darcy owned by Stacey Crowley. Lovely!

Champion Harness
What a beautiful face!
 My Ideal Oldenburg also made his debut in a dressage setup.
It was so very satisfying to have seen the end to my vision when I first started cutting into this one. I was thrilled to death when the big fellow landed in Katrina's capable hands, as I knew he would be shown with finesse and an incredible attention to detail, and I was so very right.
He did not win his class, but was beaten by another Katrina entry with a Lohengrin and another exhibit with Deputed Duke owned by Stacey.  Both magnificent entries, that I unfortunately did  not get photos of because I talk too much :D

Shakespeare's amazing tack has been custom made for him, right down to the tree, by Jana Skybova. All three dolls are by Joan Yount, the judges box was made by Susan and Richard Hargrove, The beautiful flowers in the urns were made by Cathy Ruggerio and the setup is by the owner Katrina Sterry.

I missed the next girls performance entry, but saw her in the custom class where she won pony breed. Then went onto reserve Champion to a gorgeous Weather girl CM.

She is, of course, the Marigold CM I donated to DUN 2011. She got her beautiful coat from Sommer Prosser. She went champion at a show in the USA, and NAN qualified before coming home to Stacey here in Oz.
I must say, I am quite a fair bit chuffed with her.

I love live shows, I rarely show anything myself, I simply go for the eye candy and the socialising. Melbourne Live never lets me down...

Wintersong CM by Tara louiselle

Adorable SM CM by ??? Would love to know!

Stormwatch resin CM by Mindy Berg

Stormy's gorgeous tack is by Jennifer Buxton of Braymere Custom Saddlery


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