Wet, cold and miserable. My least favourite time of year, and we are not even two weeks in.
On the bright side, the less time I spend outside, the more time I spend inside playing with clay.

Salinero has finally decided to play nice and is chuffing along beautifully.

The cheeky photo bomber is a new CM on the bench, Weather Girl. She is going to be rounded out a lot more to give her some age. Her face will also be tweaked to give her a softer more ethereal aura.
I am not a fan of bases for horses, much preferring to go with acrylic rods, this girly however is seriously motorbiking into the turn, making her base indispensable.

The next little chaps are my Welsh pony commissions, they are in the Mr Miyagi phase, and are almost ready for their manes and tails.

And last of all, my next commission piece. A Mini Nahar by Sarah Rose. The little chap is being CM'ed to a Park Arabian. I am stunned at how much a little shifting has changed this little guys looks. I have had many asking me who he is. For such a famous resin, I have found it remarkable.

More soon....


  1. Love 'em all but that Weathergirl... Oh, she's going to be SO COOL!!

  2. Oh man I so need that salinero cm I have been working on three Andalusian horses and I just cant stop I love them! So how much are you going to sell him for? :D


  3. Heya, thank you! Sally will be open for offers once he is finished :)

  4. :DDDDD

    Karen, you are truly amazing!


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