What would I do without it.....well apart from sleep of course.

3am last night I was at my kitchen table sculpting, I think the school holidays have sent me completely bonkers already and it was only the second day. There is nothing like the complete silence the very early morning brings.

The girl now has a blob on the end of her tail, and some little blobs along her neck that will evolve into plaits. Funnily they looked good at 3.30am, but, they will be changed!
She also, much to my delight, stands on her own!
On a side note, Treasure is in the deep freeze! She is so little, just the warmth from my hands is enough to make her sticky and difficult to manage, even with her being made of hard Chavant clay.
After endless frustration trying to carve her little legs, she has been banished to the freezer for some time out.


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