Whisper is cast!

Peter Revelman, of Paradoxx Casting, has done a beautiful job with the girl, all of her details are strong and crisp, she has also proven herself easy to prep.

I am extremely happy with the castings.

However Whisper will be jetting off to Resins by Randy in the USA for the remainder of her edition, she will join Randy and Deb's line of horses and be moulded cast and sent direct from them.

I have made this decision purely on the fact that I am extremely time poor, with my portrait commissions and a young family with four children.

The only change this will make to Whisper is that her name will now be 'Graylea Whisper' the real whisper's full registered name, to help differenciate with the Traditional Western Pleasure 'Whisper', that is already released.
And the edition size, I am still leaning towards single mold run, which with Resins by Randy could run to 70 copies.


  1. Congrates Karen! You must be over the moon to see her in "resin" finally! Just wait until you start seeing those painted copies!


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