Minature Pony Stallion Jig

My latest sculpt is the adorable little chunky monkey 'Jig'. A spunky little black and white pinto stallion, a whole 8.1hh in real life.

I am sculpting Jig in classic scale 1:12, so he is tiny!
10cm to the very tips of his little tiny ears, and the front cannon bones are a teeny 75mm!
It is proving fairly difficult to manoeuvre my skewers in and around his legs for sculpting.
But an enjoyable process none the less watching the little fellow emerge from the clay.

Here is the little fellow a few hours in.......

I think I am going to tilt his nose out a bit more, for a whole lot more attitude.

My paddocks are graced with a couple of these little guys, and I am constantly amused by their naughty antics.
I love the way they don't realise how small they are, just ask them and they will tell you they are 17hh!
They rule my larger horses with a iron fist, are talented escapees, will do just about anything for food, and worm their way into the hearts of everyone they meet.
My fuzzy ferals.
Possum and Humphrey.


  1. Jig is looking very nice so far. I really like his face, there's just something about the expression. And I cannot believe you got that far in a few hours. I started a sculpture a year or so ago and you can barely tell it's a horse. No head or legs, simply lumps of clay, and the smallest bit of muscles on the body so you can just distinguish that it is some sort of equine. You are amazingly talented. Good luck on Jig.


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