A quiet time at work....

.........results in a busy time in the studio :)

In the last two weeks I have managed to complete three of my portrait sculptures, one dog and two horses, which has thrilled me completely. The dog is the first that I have painted myself and I am rather chuffed with her.

I have also finished painting Absinth, so he will be up on MH$P next week for offers.

An AP Humphrey resin went off to SA as a donation to a live show (sadly no pic's of the little fellow) and was won by the extremely talented painter Bec Klitsher, I am really really looking forward to seeing him in some new clothes.

These little fellows are the Artist proofs, I cast off about 5 from my waste mould, which then go off to the 'muse' horses owner, a horse mad little girl up the road from me, one goes to my Riding club as a fundraiser, and of course one goes to the USA for production casting.

The copy for production casting is still being tweaked, as soon as I am happy he will head off.

This is the AP who is being painted up as Jig, the real pony that inspired the original sculpture. Obviously a ways to go yet :)

This week gone has also seen the cutting up of plastic ponies :)
A PAM, who I planned on a simple head lowering, but is somehow developing into more, she will now be extensively reworked, but I am hoping I can keep that soft charm that makes this mould so endearing......
Also a commission CM on the Silver mould.


  1. They all look wonderful. I especially like the painted Jig and the CM PAM. She has such a beautiful face.


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