Blue painters tape and other stuff.

Finally made it into town early this week, and grabbed myself some supplies, YAY!
I have been keen to follow Laura Skillern's tutorial for tail CM'ing on her brilliant Blogspot , (I really cannot recommend this Blog enough), as I pretty much have sucked at tails in the past and am wanting to improve.

So supplies assembled:
One moderately hacked up and melted pony, armature wire, super glue, Bicarb soda, and blue tape :)

After passing the wire through his, err, rear end and up through his neck to his ears, I Bicarbed and Superglued it into place, then taped over it. A couple of coats of glue/Bicarb mix over the tape and we were ready to tango :D.

Almost there ...

Of course me being me, with the help of fellow Blabbers , I realised his neck was too long, no surprises there, lol. So once again, it will be "Off with his Head!"

Other then being cross at myself for not double measuring his neck before getting caught up in muscles, I am really chuffed with how he is turning out, and super dooper chuffed with his tail. And it was easy peasy, onwards and upwards!

Thank you so much Laura!


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