Light bulb moments ...

Jack has been on my bench in resin for nigh on 14 months, prepped primed and ready to go to the US for casting, but something was niggling me, I was never 100% happy with him.

I have been painting an AP copy of Jack for myself, a portrait of my own Welsh stallion. I have been happy with the paint job, but trying to take photos of him has been driving me spare, he looks great in real life, but dreadful in his photos:(
Why is this pony so gosh darn hard to photograph!

That was when I had my light bulb moment. His neck is too long, and now I have discovered his problem, it is soooo clear to me, I am amazed I have not seen it sooner!

This is Jack with a little neck lipo ...

and this is him before,

Up close of his ticking. Lots more to go :)


  1. Wow! That small change made a big difference. He's lovely!

  2. Surprised me too, now I get the pleasure of going 'Queen of Hearts' on him :)
    "Off with his head!"


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