Post surgery.

I think he is looking a lot less giraffe like now. I have also added to his belly, and hips.

He also has a face now, and a little personality :)

Today he will get his mane and genitalia, some more sanding and hopefully a coat of primer.


  1. May I ask how you sculpted the nostrils? They look great. I have tried sculpting nostrils before, but I can never seem to get the insides smooth or the correct shape.

  2. Of course :)
    I sculpt the outside nostril first, using a little sausage if Apoxie, then lay another small triangle behind it, going up the face. I let this dry. With a CM like this fellow, I then drill out the nostrils using my dremel, snooth the cavity with Apoxie, then add another sausage for his inner nostril. :)
    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks, I can't wait to try it.


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