Blobbing clay on.

Both satisfying and fun!

I love this part of the customising, were I can throw Apoxie in the general direction of the horse, in general muscle shapes. This is the point where I want to find the shape and feel of the sculpt, where what I pictured in my head begins to come to life.
Lots of mistakes are made, nothing that cannot be fixed  :)

...and before the ridiculous amounts of sanding.
There still has to be a lot of playing with proportions, such as the near side stifle, really not happy with how it is translating. So I will e doing a lot of staring at it and some measuring as well. Right now I think it is too low and without tension.

Neck muscles will have to be sanded right down, way too much bulk there! Shoulder points are very uneven, even allowing for leg lift, so they will be evened up as well.
I will make these alterations before I add anymore Apoxie, as there is no point putting good over bad :)

An important thing to remember when you start throwing clay onto a horse shaped object, is to make sure your surfaces are roughed up. You have to give the plastic (or cured Apoxie) some tooth so the new apoxie sticks.

One body that came my way was a Peter Stone Arab, he was a lovely boy by a BNA, but all his Apoxie work was lifting off as it had been applied directly to a glossy body. Unfortunately he could not be saved, and is now in the process of becoming a TB.
Heartbreaker with scruffs from a carbide scraper ready for Apoxie work.

PAM with sanding scruffs from a dremel ready for Apoxie work.

So far I have used the photos of the real foal as reference, and this book (my favourite!) to see what is happening under the skin.

I got mine off Ebay, for about $12.00. Bargain!


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