Heartbreaker Photoshop.

Yay it is the weekend!  well almost Therefore it is Heartbreaker time :)

After the heating and the squishing I fill the cavity of the body with either foil, or space invader (do not use space invader if you intend heating the model again! Space invader is VERY flammable).
With Heartbreaker I have used the Space Invader. So no more heat gun.
Now Heartbreaker is a Frankenstein mess right now, and I am itching to jump in and start Apoxie work. But it is so much cheaper and easier to go into a program like Paint.NET and have a play with your sculpt digitally.
By placing the sculpt onto a page of white paper, it brings the horse forward without a noisy background, making it much easier to photoshop.


I am not a whiz with a computer, and what I have done is very simple, but these simple little changes on Paint.NET  help me see the changes that need to be made in plastic. Tomorrow I will pull out the dremel again, take off a fair amount of near side hind quarter, and move the off side hind further underneath the body. I am also wondering whether or not to bring the off side front leg forward. Hmmm ...

Maybe? Maybe not?
 I am also going to remove the muscling in the neck and chest, as my sculpt will be younger then Heartbreaker, and therefore more sinewy and bony.
Always keeping in mind that a CM is a tactile and shifting thing, I will be changing parts until the very last moment I put the last coat of primer on, an even probably then!
On Wi'Hell'mena I took off an entire shoulder and redid it after I thought she was finished. I fought the urge, and procrastinted and thought "Nah, she is fine" But I knew in my heart it was not right, and had to come off.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ...don't be afraid to lope off necks, heads, shoulders legs etc that don't feel right, anything you have done, can be redone, and often better.

Till tomorrow!


  1. I can already SEE him. He's gonna be so stinkin cute I can't STAND IT!!!!

  2. Yay Jaime! Happy some one else other then me can see it :)



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