Reference photos

Remember I mentioned the importance of good reference photos? Well there is no point having them if you don't use them :)
I have taken a photo of the foal into Paint.NET and made it black and white, then used pencil sketch to make it more contrasty (I am sure that is a word :) if not it should be).

Then, with this altered photo in front of me, and a Sharpie in my hand, I mark the areas I want to change. The areas I want to carve out are shaded, the areas that need a gentler hand are lined.
I then end up with a graffiti pony like this;
The area at the base of his neck, and at his elbow are bits I will be adding to,
the rest will all be substantially carved out.
Mmm, spaghetti leg!

Next is more Dremel work ...*happy sigh* I love my Dremel.


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