Stablemates, my new favourites!

Since Cm'ing the Welsh D, I am addicted to these little guys! Compared to their larger cousins, they are so much easier. A little bit of Apoxie sculpt also goes a really really long way! I am still in the habit of mixing much more then I need, so the perfect answer to that problem is of course to CM more then one at a time, lol. So right now I have three on the go.

This one is nearly finished. Just a few more tweaks and a lot more sanding. He began as a G3 walking Arab, you can see his original form here
 He is a more drastic CM with pretty much new everything, though in the beginning he was to only have a new head set, mane and tail, but after removing his head, I lost it (typical!) so he had to have a new face. The old body no longer went with the new head, so it was altered as well.

Then there are these two, the one on the left is a G3 Belgian, being CM'ed to a Welsh D cob, and on the right is a G1 Silky Sullivan.

I have twelve Silkies, so expect to see a lot of differents takes on the little fellow over the next year :). I have ideas for a few of them, but if any of you guys have something you would like to see done a comment or shoot me an email :) I would love to hear them.


  1. Oh WOW! I would never have guessed that was the G3 Arab at all! :o

  2. The Arab is wonderful. I couldn't begin to work out how to repostion everything to make it look like that!

  3. Thanks Guys, amazing the difference a bit of sanding does!
    Bluebird Studio.

  4. Oh Karen, that little Arab is just adorable.. & such beautiful work.. his little face gives me shivers..
    Angie K (Kazhak from Meca)


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