Painting ...

... is not my favourite part of customising unfortunately. I love watching the horse come to life, I love the end result, I love scouring the Internet looking for the perfect colour, but when it actually comes to applying the pastels, procrastination becomes my greatest talent.

This time however I am using Jaime Baker's DVD's to paint.
I have learnt that in most ways, I was doing it sorta right, but those few extra tips and tricks from an experienced artist have really made a huge difference to my style and technique. I feel that I am in control of my pastels, but not micro managing them as I used to.

I have been able to loosen up and look at the horse as a whole, not just a little section at a time.
I am also looking at my reference photos with new eyes, they have made me think about what technique I can use to get a certain effect.

But best of all, my motivation and confidence to paint and create a realistic end result has increased 100%.
Bloody brilliant :)


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