Back to it.

After a joyous Christmas and new years spent with family and friends it is great to get back to the studio (aka; the kitchen table).

Heartbreaker is on the home straight, and it is time to make the final push and finish him off.

Through holding his back leg when applying primer, sanding etc, the repositioned joint showed its weakness and cracked. So it was out with the Dremel. I made a channel running vertically down the centre of the front of the leg, then built it up slowly with baking soda and glue. If this was a larger horse with more weight, I would have inserted some thick wire for added support. I will now fill the hole with Apoxie sculpt, for an un-noticeable fix.

The little black circles are where I have gone over him carefully and marked the places that need a little more attention, this way I don't forget where they are, as many of them are minute, they are easy to miss.

Unfortunately the annoying creature also took a dive off the table and has broken an ear, and the base of his tail. So very frustrating this close to the end!

Next time you see this fellow he will finally be complete! YAY!


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