My Valentine CM is going to be braided mane, loose tail, so I thought I might as well take some photos of the braiding process.

This is for an English/Australian style bob braid.

For photographic purposes I am doing this on a sheet of paper, but the table top is a much better surface to use.

First I start with a small amount of Apoxie Sculpt. I have left it until it is 3/4 set and lost most if not all of it's stickiness.

I then roll out three long thin sausages ( I know, more sausages. I sometimes think I re-build an entire horse with sausages). Once rolled out I squish the tops of all three together and to the table to anchor them.

Start plaiting. I use a toothpick to hold down the strand I am crossing over, this holds everything in place and makes a slight dent in the underneath strand which makes everything sit nicely. I plait all the way to the end  being careful not to stretch or break the Apoxie as I go.


Now I take a scalpel and make a cut, the Apoxie will stick to the blade. Whilst it is, bring the ends together and roll gently off the blade. This will make the rosette. Always thirteen bobs, showies are a superstitious lot, but make a few extras as if you are anything like me, a couple will get lost during the sticking on process. Leave to dry :)

More soon :)


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