Marigold finished!

I finished this girl back in August, she was a 100% donation to the Down Under Nationals (Oz equivalent to NAN). Sommer Prosser then donated her mad painting skills to finish her off, this the end result.

Isn't she delicious?!
She has already been out to a live show and won her breed class and took Division Champ or Reserve (Sommer can't remember which) and placed second in Workmanship for Buckskin.

Thank you Sommer, for your generous donation (especially when you did not know me or my work from a bar of soap)
And many thanks to Lisa Winkworth for sharing the photos (by Sommer) and results with me, I really appreciate it (((hugs))).


  1. Thank you! I am thrilled with her :)

  2. That was a breyer Marigold?! I would have never guessed! Anyway, she is absolutely stunning! :)


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