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Now Heartbreaker is done, it is time for me to focus on who's next.

We have a couple of really big shows coming up, one is River City live which is held in Murray Bridge, South Australia. The second is Melbourne Live.
The show in Murray Bridge is about 8 hours drive from me, whereas Melbourne is an hour away. A serious drawback for the Aussie hobby is the huge distances between collectors. It is such a shame, as they are such wonderful people, and many I would love to see on a more regular basis then once a year for a show.

So in planning for these two shows, I have a few horses on the go.

Number one is a Breyer Valentine to a more forward trot, and on the bit. This has been a really simple CM, especially for me. But Eberl is such a sculptor, that there really is not a great deal that needs to be done, I am not looking to improve the mold, just tweak her.

I am going for an older mare, the kind of horse you see at every pony club, the beginners horse that was once a successful competition horse,  has probably had a few foals, and has been there done that and is now doing the rounds with a nervous nelly or an inexperienced but ambitious child.

I have one of these mares in my paddock, she is an English Riding Pony, and she is my favourite saddle horse. The girl has buttons I have not even found yet, she is so educated she is smarter then me lol. But such an easy ride, nothing is complicated with her. She is worth her weight in gold.

Number two is a Peter Stone ISH.
When wandering back through Jennifer Buxton's Blog; Braymere Custom Saddlery something I frequently do... I found myself coming back time and again to a particular set of photos.

The ISH, Kelly (she came from her previous owner, much loved, but ready for a fresh look and already named) was only going to be a simple tidy up and repaint, but the idea had taken hold, and Kelly's fate was sealed, she was going to be a working horse.

Specifically a Tie down roper First I was leaning towards the Buckskin in the first photo, but it was the sixth photo down that called Kelly's name.

With an order of Apoxie Sculpt fresh from Aves, it is time to get sculpting!


  1. Valentine looks gorgeous and the ISH looks amazing too! When you move the legs like that on the Valentine, I see you cut up and into the leg, but how do you then 'move' it, do you use heat and move it or do you chop it off completely and reattach? It looks as if you chop into it a lot and move it with heat? Very interested to know!

  2. Thank you!
    Yep you are correct. I make a cut on each side of the joint, a wedge shape on the way I am bending it, a straight cut on the opposite side, then warm with a heat gun.

    You can see the proposed cuts on Kelly drawn with a sharpie :)

    1. Thats great, thank you! I don't have a heat gun, but I am sure maybe I can do my hot water trick if the plastic is thin enough. :)

  3. Do you purchase straight from aves and pay their $60odd shipping?


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