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I expected to be painting this week. I had a Humphrey resin (white/grey) a Whisper resin (bay) and three plastic CMs that are ready or close to ready for paint.

Two of the plastics have sold, Valentine and PAM, and I will not be the painter of either :) They are both going off overseas for their new coats.

That left me a little lost. I don't like not having a couple of traditional size CM's going, and Kelly is at the refinement stage, so I have dug through the body box. Out came Keltic Salinero, and on came the Dremel *impish chuckle*

Sally was going to be another WB in a flying extended trot, but as I started cutting, he told me he does not want to be a Warmblood anymore...he wants to be a Lipanzzaner!

Research time! After a morning of photo collecting, I thought I knew what I was doing, lol, Sally once again had other ideas!

This is where he is now...a few more tweaks and he would be performing a great Pasade...

but this is where he wants to be! He wants Levade.

Looks simple huh? But this is not just a normal rear, this a carefully controlled haute air movement, it must look difficult, lots of tension and strength. I think this simple custom is going to be much harder then it looks.

Drat you Sally! :D

For some great descriptions on the Pasade, Levade and other Huate air movements, you can find further reading here;


  1. hehe, just to be awkward, to me Sally looks as if he wants to be a jumper, in one of those awkward moments as the decision to jump changes from 'ahh, NO WAY!' to 'oh, I guess I could give it a go!'

  2. Lol, you are right! Been there ridden that a few times.

  3. Hey Karen I've got a Question. It takes me for ever to my models with my dremel I just can't seem to find to right bit to use and I was wondering what kind cutting tool you use on your dremel??

  4. Most of those cuts were done with a coping saw, it is just the cuts that are hard to reach that I use the Dremel for. The correct blade to cut with is the reinforced cutting wheels. They cut through the plastic like butter, and do not break :)

  5. thank you so much Karen :) I also found another blad when I was at the hardware store picking up a reinforced cutting wheel. I will definitely give you the credit in my blog. :)

  6. No worries. I look forward to seeing what you do :)


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