Back to work!

School holidays are finally over! Back to work.

Getting time to work on anything in the school holidays with 4 children is almost impossible, but I did get a little time in.

I finished the Weather Girl, she is in the USA being painted.
I am really really happy with how she turned out, and I am super excited about her finish work.

I also finished the Classic Arabian and the Heartbreaker commission.

Her whites were not finished here
Pretty girl
The Classic Arab suffered a lot of damage to her paintwork at Equitana, she was handled a lot, and knocked over a few times, ending in a broken ear, a few rubs and chips. So I stripped her back to bare, with the intent of painting her bay again. She however had other ideas, but more on her later.

Esmerelda was finished, and went to offers on MH$P, she is also off overseas, landing in the USA soon. Hopefully out and about to some live shows.

My favourite photo of her

Her sales shot

This big fellow was also finished, except for prep, and obviously painting. He was also unfortunately lost in the mail coming home from the tack makers. Rather depressing for both myself and the tack maker, but there you go, these things happen.
So we will just have to enjoy his photos. Isn't his tack divine! It is made by Danielle Seivers of Daley Park Tack

Another little project was the commission for three horse heads for a jewellery company. A Friesian, Welsh A and a Warmblood. I am looking forward to seeing these guys cast in silver and on a necklace. Yum!

I have also started a couple more horses.

This one is a commission.

This one will be a sales piece.

There are also a couple of other commissions floating around.

Hmmm, seems I got a little more done then I thought.

More soon ...


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