The taming of the shrew.

Katharina is the name of the shrew in Shakespeare's 'The taming of the shrew' or for my more modern readers, the movie '10 things I hate about you'
If you read Wikipedias definition of a shrew, then it will give you an idea of what I think of this horse.

Completed. With her original form.

With her original form

After bringing her home from Equitana, I stripped her back to bare for her repaint, intending to redo the dark bay. It took days of stripping and scrubbing (that paint really did not want to come off!) Sanding and priming. Under the paint I discovered a cracked leg (which has since been pinned) and I accidentally broke her tail off.


Post stripping

I was so frustrated with her at this point that I put her away in a drawer to dwell on her sins. Alas when Ferguson went missing, her turn to paint came up again much faster then I would have liked.

After stern words and heated conversation, she decided she was not going to be bay, but grey. Not just any grey either, rose grey was her chosen colour, she wanted to be pink.

So pink it is, and I must say she has been perfectly behaved ever since, and dare I say it, tamed!

Rose grey in progress

I must admit, I really think it suits her ...but don't tell her that!

More soon ...


  1. Your faces are so expressive...I love them! The dappling is jaw dropping, too. Some day maybe a commission? I have plenty of bodies that need some color!

  2. Thank you Anna! For you ...anytime :)


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