Moving limbs

A couple of weeks ago, I asked if anyone wanted to see anything specific regarding what I do when it comes to CMing. By far the most asked for "Where do I cut and how do I move legs?"

So, here we go :)

This horse is a commission. Zenyetta to THIS
This is not going to be an easy CM by any stretch of the imagination, I would actually say by the time I am finished with her, she will be difficult to spot. Most of the original mould will be dremeled away, leaving an armature for me to sculpt over. However limbs must be moved first.

I have been agonising over exactly how I am going to make this work, and still am. Sometimes it is a matter of just jumping in :) What I do know is she may end up a hot melted mess before I am finished with her. The way I work is rarely pretty.

Brace yourself ducky!

More soon ...


  1. I can't wait!!! I'm trying to CM a sitting drafter and I'm lost on cutting the legs I so need this post :)


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